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Locations are a new type of card to debut in Shadow Era's fourth set Lost Lands.

Locations are a completely new type of card with a different card layout. Locations are included in your deck and must obey the maximum of 4 copies rule like any other cards. Locations do not have a casting cost to play (free to summon), instead they have a turn indicator in the top right corner of the card that indicates at what turn the location is first allowed to be played (for instance, a card with the indicator "T3" may not be summoned on turns 1 or 2, but may be played on turn 3 or any time after that). A player may only summon one location per turn.

Location cards are played in the center of the board in a "stack". The stack starts out empty, but will grow when players summon locations. The top location in the stack is the one considered to be active, any ones below are still considered to be in play, but are not active. Locations have two effects, one which applies to each player (or team for future 2 v. 2 play). These effects generally relate to each other in some way, sometimes offering slightly differing effects to each player, or allowing the non-controlling player to counter or take control of that location. If a location switches control, the abilities that apply to each player are switched.

Note that locations are not considered to be items or abilities, therefore cards that affect those card types will not affect locations, but cards can be made to specifically target them.