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  • This effect was introduced in Call of the Crystals.
  • Destroyed is a specific term reserved for abilities and items (or allies that become artefacts (Transmogrification Curse)).
  • When an item or ability leaves the play, it is either returned to hand, destroyed or exiled.
  • You can not play an artifact if you already control the same one.
  • You can play a weapon or an armor if you already control the same one.
  • By default:
  1. When an item or an ability is destroyed, it is placed in your Graveyard.
  2. When an item's durability reaches 0, the item is destroyed and placed in your Graveyard.
  3. When an item is replaced by the same item (when it is possible), it is destroyed and placed in your Graveyard.
  4. When an ability allows to destroy an item, the item is targeted (differ with random), destroyed and placed in your Graveyard.
  • When an item is returned to hand or exiled, it is not destroyed.
  • If an ability was attached to an exiled or to a returned to hand ally, without specific counter effect, it is automatically destroyed.
  • The cards that can destroy are:
  • All:
  • Abilities…:
  1. Widespread Decay (direct - all items without durability)
  2. Mass Purification (direct - all attachments)
  • In Play:
  • Hero…:
  1. Ter Adun (direct - one item or support ability)
  • Allies…:
  1. Tiger Wulf (direct - one item)
  2. Thriss Demolitionist (direct - one item or ability)
  3. Eriss Fateweaver (direct - one ability)
  • Abilities…:
  1. Change of Fortune (direct - one support ability)
  2. Sever Ties (direct - one attachment)
  3. Saymeht's Retribution (direct - one artefact or support)
  4. Shriek of Revulsion (direct - one attachment or support)
  5. Dawn Raid (direct - 2 items 4cc or less)
  • Items…:
  1. Spectral Sabre (in response - one attachment)
  2. Obelisk of Echoes (in response - one item or ability)
  • Location…:
  1. The Wilds: Trading Port (direct - one artifact)
  • Opponent's:
  • Allies…:
  1. Rapacious Vermin (direct - one opposing item or ability)
  2. Rust Weevil (in response - opposing hero's weapon)
  3. Artful Squire (in response - opposing item 4cc or less)
  4. Sorcerer of Endia (direct - opposing item or ability)
  • Abilities…:
  1. Shriek of Vengeance (direct - opposing item or support ability 4cc or less)
  2. Smashing Blow (direct - opposing weapon or armor)
  3. Focused Prayer (direct - opposing item or support)
  4. Stop, Thief! (direct - opposing item)
  5. Ley Line Nexus (direct - opposing item 5cc or more)
  • Own:
  • Allies…:
  1. Spitfire Hound (in response - one controlled item or ability)
  2. Zantonite (direct - one controlled artifact)
  3. Ravager Zealot (in response - one controlled item or ability)
  4. Lightning Hunter (in response - all controlled support abilities)
  5. Hellfire Besieger (direct - one controlled item or ability)
  • Abilities…:
  1. Melt Down (direct - one controlled item)
  2. Desperate Tactics (direct - one controlled weapon)
  • Random Opponent's:
  • Allies…:
  1. Scourge Colossus (in response - one opposing item or support ability)
  • Specials:
  • Items…:
  1. Ascendant of the Horde (Ascendant of the Hero)
  2. Good Ascendant (Evil Ascendant)
  3. Evil Ascendant (Good Ascendant)
  4. Nurturing Spring (itself)
  5. Ascendant of the Hero (Ascendant of the Horde)
  6. Contaminated Water (itself)