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  • This ability was introduced in Call of the Crystals.

  • Defender is a specific term reserved for heroes and allies (and items that become allies).
  • Defender is a keyword passive ability.
  • RuleBook:
    Defender allows the hero or the ally with the ability to do its combat damage first when being attacked.
    If the defender would do enough damage to kill the attacker, the attacker will be killed before getting to do any damage.

Cards that have or give defender ability are:

  • Allies…:
  1. Dark Flayer
  2. Braxnorian Temptress
  3. Cobra Demon
  4. Aldmor Scavenger
  • Abilities…:
  1. Alert and Able (one ally - until end of turn)
  2. Battle Hardened (all friendly allies - until start of next turn)
  • Item…:
  1. Guardian's Oath (hero's weapon)
  • Location…:
  1. Gaderi: Braxno Citadel (hero and allies)
  • Cards that can specifically remove the defender ability:
  • Abilities…:
  1. Selfishness (one ally - direct)
    For more possibilities to remove the defender ability, check Abilities.
    Note that friendly hero or ally who gained defense with an attachment or an item, can lose defense if the card that gave the effect leaves the play.