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  • exiled is an effect keyword.

  • This effect keyword first appeared in the Dark Prophecies, some cards in Call of the Crystals contain the phrase "remove from the game", however this is not considered exiling.
  • Note that exiling can only be done to cards on the field or in the graveyard, resources that are removed from play are not considered to be exiled.

  • An exiled ally, ability, item is not considered killed or destroyed unless some other effect has killed it before being exiled (e.g. Lythian Sledgehammer).

  • An exiled card is not placed in your Graveyard, but out of the game.
  • Currently there is no way to return cards to the game that have been exiled.

  • Heroes can not be exiled.
  • Steadfast is a keyword passive ability that counters exiled (as well as other effects that remove an ally from the board - e.g. Retreat!).

Cards that like to exile others are
Direct In response
  • Hero:
  1. Loest, Savior of Layar (one ally/item/ability)
  • Allies:
  1. Spirit Warden (one ally in graveyard)
  2. Death Collector (one ally in graveyard)
  3. Twilight Ritualist (one ally/item/ability 3cc or less)
  4. Aldmor Chieftan (one ally)
  5. Void Wretch (active location)
  • Abilities:
  1. Wizent's Prayer (one card in graveyard)
  2. Groundshift (active location)
  3. Sinkhole (one ally 2cc or less)
  4. Shatter Ice (all frozen allies)
  • Items:
  1. Snare Trap (just summoned ally 3cc or less)
  2. Splicer's Crown (one ally in graveyard)
  3. Tar-written Scroll (one ally in graveyard)
  • Locations:
  1. Gaderi: Braxno Citadel (active location)
  2. Yahari: Valley of Doom (all allies 3cc or less)
  • Allies:
  1. Rotling (one ally in graveyard)
  2. Sword Gobbler (one item in graveyard)
  3. Gravemonger (one item in graveyard)
  • Abilities:
  1. Mimic (one immediate ability in graveyard)
  2. Lythian Sledgehammer (killed ally with this weapon)
  • Locations:
  1. Arthyle's Pass: Dead Man's Breach (killed allies 2cc or less)