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  • This effect was introduced in Call of the Crystals.
  • Exhausted is a key term.
  • Exhausted is a specific term reserved for heroes and allies (and items that become allies).
  • Exhaust is not a negative effect.
  • A hero or ally exhausted are shown with a dark overlay.
  • A hero or ally exhausted can not attack or use his ability.
  • A hero or ally exhausted can defend.
  • By default, using the attack command will exhaust the hero or the ally.
  • Activating hero's or ally's ability does not exhaust, except if mentioned.
  • Being exhausted does not prevent from being damaged.
  • Few ways of exhausting:
  • Ally:
  1. Yari Bladedancer (itself - transfer friendly ally +current lvl ATK)
  • Ability:
  1. Lythian Shackles (hero - opposing ally can't attack & lose all abilities)
  2. Assassination (ally - kill opposing ally)
  3. Garth's Concoction (hero - opposing ally 3 damage & poisoned)
  4. Smoke Screen (hero - all opposing ally disable - draw one card)

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