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    Team Juggernauts (TJ): Re-gathering!! – Official Thread Team


    Juggernaut - a literal or metaphorical force regarded as mercilessly destructive and unstoppable.

    Team Juggernauts is a team of advanced level players and players wishing to focus on winning the major top competitions of Shadow Era. We show our prowess in-game, not through trash talk and insults.

    Our goals

    • To win the various Shadow Era Leagues, Tournaments, Leader Boards, Ladders, and other official and unofficial organized events.
    • To capitalize our experience and accumulated knowledge in actions and events aiming the development of Shadow Era Community.

    TJ's Leadership

    SamuelJ - Immortal Phoenix

    SleepingDragon - Azure Dragon
    dubdub - Black Turtle
    Segalion - Vermilion Bird
    Catalina - White Tiger

    TJ Team

    Bay Fighter
    Chrollo Lucilfer
    The Newbie
    Captain Rogers
    Woe Commander
    Blood Mural

    Our website

    Our in-game-name (IGN) tag

    Every Juggernaut will use a TJ prefix in his IGN. We advise you to bring your A game, every time you meet such an opponent.

    Qualifications for joining Team Juggernauts

    1. Competitive nature with a strong ambition to become (or remain) one of the best Shadow Era players. (good knowledge of the game or previous TCG experience is a plus)
    2. Will to commit to a Team: participate, share, learn. Our private forum is a wonderful place of learning and sharing, but you must commit to participate.
    3. Creativity to build and play various decks using various heroes. If you don’t have it still, be sure, you will learn it with us.
    4. Be active. Participate within the great Shadow Era community. We also usually don’t take players that started this game less than a month ago, unless they prove to us what a force they are in the game.
    5. VERY IMPORTANT: Always be respectful to the community and to your peers. We have a very strong ethic code and we won’t tolerate any misbehavior in this matters.

    Code of Conduct

    As unstoppable as we are in this game, we still need to be guided by a set of codes that will help Team Juggernauts remain a respectable and valued guild in the community. This here contains a short list of our code.

    1. Be polite and diplomatic - We show our prowess in-game, not through trash talk and insults. Be the better person by ignoring those who trash talk, it is just a distraction to make you lose your focus on the game. This also goes for your fellow juggernauts. Let us keep in-guild fighting to a minimum by addressing each other's concerns as friendly as possible.

    2. Avoid flaming other people - Issues with other guilds should be discussed internally first to come up with the best course of action. Specific issues between two players can be managed through PM instead of hate posting in the forum.

    3. Never be sore losers and winners - Acknowledge that defeat only happens when you stop trying. Losing a game brings us a step further to learning. Celebrate our wins without being conceited.

    4. Never cheat - Winning through underhanded means is unbecoming of a juggernaut. If you suspect other players to be cheating, be tactful in handling and raising them to the proper authorities.

    5. Encourage and engage other members to step up their own game - Be helpful to other players so that all of us will improve consistently. It also helps to be open-minded to suggestions and tips about the game.

    6. Democracy above monarchy - Leaders may be assigned to guide the guild but all member opinions are highly-valued. Feel free to speak up internally to discuss any issues you may have.

    Think you have what it takes?

    To apply, reply to this thread, share a bit about your background, explain your qualifications, and tell us why you think you'd be a good fit at Team Juggernauts.
    You can also PM @SamuelJ13 or @bradyb on telegram, if you prefer it that way.

    We are usually very willing to take you on a learning and testing period with us, in order to see if you truly have what it takes to be a Juggernaut!!

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    Arise, children of the Juggernaut
    The day of glory has arrived!
    Against us, Evil has risen.
    Do you hear in the forest
    These ferocious Wulven howling?

    To arms, then Warriors of Vorzitian!
    Form your battalions!
    Let us walk, let us ride!
    Conjure ice and fire and lightning
    So nothing can hither hide

    For we are Lords of Battle
    mighty warriors of Balor
    we stand for justice and honor
    we are Team Juggernaut
    Let us show them our valor.

    Juggernauts: Re-gathering!!

    In the days that followed the Prophecy by the God Vozitian, to the Elder Nahar, Castle Juggernaut had become a hive of activity.

    Riders had been dispatched to recall all of the Shadow Warriors, including the Elders. It would be many moons before the summons would be heeded. Enough time to make preparations.

    The nine "sacrifices" had been buried, each with a gold coin and a Shadow Crystal, placed in their hands, to pay for the Death Collector. The three warriors that escaped, would have to pay for their own ticket to the Underworld.


    The warrior Rayzie thundered towards the castle, on his black warhorse Legend, at the head of his honor guard. Half a league out he could clearly see the additional fortifications. A wooden gate, palisade, and a series of towers blocked the approach to the castle proper. All manned by sentries, including bowmen. In the training fields off on the far right, soldiers were being put through their paces. Whilst the upper pasture, on his far left, where the Gauntlet challengers and their retinue camped, had a new corral and a series of large elaborately decorated tents.

    Seems visitors would be afforded more comforts.
    He mused.

    Approaching the wooden gates, he took in the scale and raw exterior of the castle, all brooding, dark, and menacing.

    Home. He smiled.

    "Who goes there?"
    "Open the gate or I'll rip your head off and piss down your neck." replied Rayzie, pulling up in front of the gate.
    "At ease Corporal...don't you recognize an Elder when you see one?"
    Rayzie looked up, and saw a smiling bearded face atop the Palisade walkway.
    "Sentry duty Vortex? Nice to know you have your uses" said Rayzie with smile.

    [A week later]

    There was an excited buzz in the Hall of the Elders. This was a momentous day, and all the principles of the House were assembled. As was proper, the senior Shadow Warriors stood on the right side of the hall. All, to a man, were dressed in their best ceremonial golden armor. Hanging off their shoulders was a red cloak, bearing the crest of the Juggernaut, an up-raised gold gauntlet. This was the status of a Named Man, a true Juggernaut of the House. At the back of the hall stood the senior officers from the standing army, representing nearly 2000 troops in all. On the left, members of the Xtended looked on eagerly. Each wore their golden ceremonial armor, minus the red cloak worn by the seniors.

    All eyes were on the Elders who sat at the head of the hall on ornate thrones. Five in all, as one was lost to the Great Sacrifice several months ago. They wore matching gold armor, and black cloaks instead of the red adorned by the Shadow Warriors.

    On the floor, engraved in stone and washed up by thousands of footsteps, the Oath:

    “Do not kill. Do not rape. Do not steal.
    Be mighty. Be respectful. Be fearless.
    These are principles which every man of every faith can embrace.
    These are not polite suggestions.
    As you enter here, now and forever, these are the codes of behavior, and those of you that ignore them will pay the dearest cost.
    There are varying degrees of evil.
    We urge you, lesser forms of filth, not to push the bounds and cross over into true corruption, into our domain.
    For if you do, one day you will look behind you and you will see us three.
    And on that day, you will reap it.
    And we will send you to whatever god you wish.”

    A hush settled on the hall as the Spiritual Leader Bluejet stood.

    “Warriors, we are gathered here today to celebrate the rebirth of our great House. We have grown, and won many victories over the years, and have extended our influence throughout the land of Balor. We are respected and feared, and that is only right, for we are the chosen of Vozitian!”

    At that, a cry went out amongst the throng.

    Stilling them, Bluejet went on “Recently though we suffered a set-back, a defeat in the Gauntlet. Vozitian was not pleased. A fact he made perfectly clear when he visited the Horse Lord in his dreams. The blood he demanded for our failure was great. We all lost friends and comrades in the Great Sacrifice”.

    He paused to let that settle in, and then went on in his powerful deep toned voice.

    “Did we hesitate though to carry out His wishes? No! For we are Juggernauts and we do not baulk when the going gets bloody. Instead, we fight harder!”

    A great cheer went up.

    In the crowd of Shadow Warriors, the Mage SamuelJ lent in, and whispered in Mongoosey’s ear “Rousing speech eh Goosey?”

    “Yes, couldn’t have put it better myself” he said sardonically.

    Bluejet continued, “The Elders all agree that the Xtended have served their purpose.”

    For a split second Mongoosey saw fear in the faces of a number of the Xtended. Cull round two?

    “And now, that the blood sacrifice has been met, it is time to re-energize our House. So, we welcome into the fold of the Shadow Warrior elite all of the Xtended. Welcome brothers one and all”

    Another great cheer, this one tinged with relief too.

    “The Gauntlet will re-launch and will be harder than ever before. And different. And more complex!! Our mages have been working hard to create a portal we can use to access the Grey for training purposes, and the fruits of many years of exploration and study by our Elders have allowed us access to many new spells and creatures. All of which can be harnessed in the Grey. Even now, as we stand here, riders are sending messages of challenge to all of the prominent Houses, as well as declarations to independent warriors in the surrounding towns and cities. Come, and be defeated!”

    A pause and another cheer

    Knows how to work an audience, our Bluejet. Thought Mongoosey.

    He continued, quieter than before. “The prophecy from Vozitian was dark indeed though. We will need to be prepared in the days that come, for a war is coming greater than anything these lands have witnessed before. We will need to stand united. Not as a collection of lone warriors ready to be picked off. No…instead we stand together as a band of brothers, a team…a team of Juggernauts!!!!

    A massive cheer filled the hall.

    Epic, now I do hope there is beer.
    Thought Mongoosey.

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    Awesome!! Very nice to see that some of my former guild mates (TJX) are now commanders!! Really wish all the best to you guys! I am proud to say that one day I was part of the TJ family!
    Champion of Slugfest VIII

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    Thank you man
    TJ Minato

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    Best of things to come, people. Always good to see you guys kicking in the scene.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caparod View Post
    Awesome!! Very nice to see that some of my former guild mates (TJX) are now commanders!! Really wish all the best to you guys! I am proud to say that one day I was part of the TJ family!
    You've become a leader yourself!

    And thanks!
    Feel free to transfer SC to account TJ Jazz or PM a Redeem code to me!

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    All the best fellow TJ friends!
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    Blake Windrunner strikes the final blow, upon the enemy,
    And Majiya was no more.^

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