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Shadow Era Forum name: Lahiri

In-game name: 17 Shining

Lahiri, also known as Shining, is a Shadow Era player. He's one of the founding members of the italian guild 1lluminati in 7enebris.

Lahiri has been playing Shadow Era since June 2011 but his activity and interest in the game grew in late 2013 when the project Shadow Era Italia became reality. The success of the italian forum paved the way to the idea of an italian guild, which was officialy created in April 2014, by the founding members Pandevmonium, indastria, Dienece, Ways2Die, invernofreddo and Lahiri, who changed his in-game name and forum name to Shining.

The name Shining refers to "the path to enlightenment" which can be connected to the meaning of the guild name (latin for the ones enlightened in darkness) and was inspired by the Swedish band Shining. As a tribute to the band, Lahiri often uses their pictures as forum avatars or signature.

Lahiri is an active tournament organizer. His most known tournament series is the "Italian Summer League", started in Summer 2014, which was originally intended as a means to keep the italian community active during holidays, but became a fixture for the whole community.