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  • Fire is a damage type.
  • In Dark Prophecies, allies started to have this attack type.
  • The "Ablaze" keyword is a sub-type of Fire damage.
  • There is no way to make a hero immune to fire damage;
  • Some allies are immune to fire damage: (Furrion Terror; Flameborn Defiler; Infernus, Tyrant of the Damned).
  • Sacred Fire Walker (attachment) is the unique ability that gives immunity to fire (ally).
  • Cards that burn others:
  • Hero:
    1. Majiya (direct - one opposing ally takes 3 fire damage)
  • Abilities:
    1. Fireball (direct - opposing hero or ally takes 4 fire damage)
    2. Flaming Arrow (direct - opposing ally takes 2 fire damage…)
    3. Meteor Shower (direct - opposing ally takes 3 fire damage…)
  • Cards that interact with fire:
  • Items:
    1. Tar-written Scroll (target ally in graveyard is exiled: if the ally has fire attack, target opposing ally takes 2 fire damage)
    2. Flameforged Gauntlets (if opposing hero or ally was dealt fire damage, draw a card)


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