Future Meltdown Possibly

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Yea but see u gotta have gold to use gold. Last times i bought crystals i wasnt credited and after a prolonged process support just got rude and said i was i was lying about not reciving my crystals so idk if il try to buy more. Also i have more important things to spend money on iv bet pretty broke lately. Then there is the time i have to spend playing. Gotta play to win see u said u spent 5000. What is that like 25 games? Alot not even considering id still like to enjoy my constructive gameplay. Id like to see this feature by may not since irs on the teaster for free. I didnt know that but i dont have a pc either lol. God its like im surrounded by SE roadblocks lol well if it dosnt come as a new feature at least ik i can play free ion the server when i get a pc or am just better established and ready to try and invest more money into the game

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