• v3.82 Released

      We're pleased to announce that a major update is now available on all platforms!

      Change log for v3.8200


      - A new launcher is available! If you see a very old (c) copyright date at the bottom, be sure to click the REPAIR button to get the new launcher!
      - Daily quests! Complete your quests each day to earn gold and shadow crystals
      - Redesigned main menu and top header bar
      - Combat speeds have been greatly enhanced, with the option to stay with the old animation style
      - New "All Attack" button to quickly have allies attack the hero
      - Sound effects for the interface and combat
      - Decreased difficulty of first map human campaign missions
      - New video options and sound volume sliders


      - Fixed being able to see the keyword text on a face-down Camouflaged Foe trap
      - Fixed various clipping issues with foil cards and attachments
      - Fixed potential crash when entering the merchant, related to Waves API url change
      - Fixed not being able to enter a space when changing your player name
      - Plus many many more small fixes...

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