• Map of Balor

      We're happy to unveil the official map of Balor! Obviously this is huge for the lore fanatics or anyone interested in SE roleplay, as well as our awesome Fanfic community. This is a fantastic piece by the talented cartographer Jared Blando!

      Download links:
      Print resolution, poster size (83mb)
      2880x1920 for desktop backgrounds
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      1. Preybird's Avatar
        Preybird -
        Providing a poster resolution version is pretty cool I must say.
      1. Jo3yb0i's Avatar
        Jo3yb0i -
        Sweet a poster should also be in your store or this can be a new background for shattered fates
      1. Warr Byrd's Avatar
        Warr Byrd -
        Gotta love how there are more ruins in the Wilds than there are cities in Lyth. Man that gender disparity really took a toll.
      1. BP JinT's Avatar
        BP JinT -
        Epic! Well done guy
      1. Bobbypim's Avatar
        Bobbypim -
        Who did the (awesome) art for the map of Balor?
      1. Zoolgar's Avatar
        Zoolgar -
        where can we buy it?
      1. anothga's Avatar
        anothga -
        Excellent job, 10/10. Now, if only someone created a setting book for d20-compatible RPGs...
      1. ShrapnelFox's Avatar
        ShrapnelFox -
        Another amazing piece of artwork to add to the Shadow Era collection.
      1. narutoloko's Avatar
        narutoloko -
        como coloca para jogar?
      1. Muriah -
        Pick up a huge poster of the map of Balor at GenCon!

        Printed at 24X36" on excellent paper, you'll really appreciate the level of detail and be ready for the upcoming Shadow Era campaign mode. Visit Jared Blando in the artist alley at Gen Con to get your poster and get it signed!
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