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      For direct support inquiries or issues with missing shadow crystals or purchases, please email

      Be sure to visit the active community forums for bug reports, card discussion, and strategies.

      Several automated support tools are also available below for existing users.

      Change Password

      If you have forgotten your password or would like a new one, use the form below. A confirmation will be sent to your email address.

      Change Name

      Change your player name by filling in the fields below. Your account will be charged 100 Shadow Crystals. (ShadowToken links will also be updated)
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      Reset Account

      If you find you are not happy with your initial Hero choice, you can reset your account. You will keep any experience or Shadow Crystals earned, while all cards and gold are destroyed. You will be able to choose a new starter deck the next time you log in.

      Delete Account

      If you wish to completely delete your account, enter your login email address and your password here and send your delete command. This action cannot be undone, and your account cannot be restored.

      Transfer Shadow Crystals

      Due to widespread abuse, the transfer of Shadow Crystals is temporarily disabled.

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