1. Typing Habit Thread

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    Its Gnarly Habit I've Gotten Into. I Can't Remember The Last Time I Typed Normally Without Be Conscious Of It. Also There Is A Rhythm To It That Is Addicting. The Rhythm Is Akin To Playing The Drums And The Cap Lock Is The Bass Pedal If You Will.

    I Get Asked This Question Often When Im New To A Forum. Usually I'll Give That Person A Link To The Thread Where The First Person Asks About My Typing Habit. I Suppose Jewelers Dream Page 2 Post # 19 Will Be The Beginning Of That Thread.
  2. Boris The SkullCrusher My Deck To Destruction.

    I Wisely Decided I Was Gonna Snoop The Forums Before I So Much As Chose My Start Deck.
    Which Was Absolutely The Soundest Idea Ever.

    I Read A Lot About Peoples Decks And Builds I Finally Decided On Boris The SkullCrusher, I Read Some Good Things And It Also Sounded Like His Type Would Be My Play Style Which Is "Aggressive" And What I Wanted.

    So I Easily Beat AI Of Course That's No Feat.
    On Ranked I Believe I Went 5 - 0 Before I Lost To An Elementalis ...