From the Ashes

Day Four Countdown

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First Round vs Moonstalkericon

No weapons at all. Hard Fail. HAAAAAARD FAIL.

Twelfth Round vs Moonstalkericon - 6-6

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  1. IASeldon's Avatar
    Second Round vs Victoricon

    Good Ascendanticon. Wow. Never before seen that pop out. Made worse by my having sacked an extra copy of EA at the start for resources. Add yet another glorious got screwed with my weapons and that makes another loss.

    Thirteenth Round vs Victor Heartstrikericon - 6-7
  2. IASeldon's Avatar
    Third Round vs Elementalisicon

    Cold shutdown. Trap on T3 stopped his allied run, T4 Soul Seekericon ate his Sparks alive. Anxious moment when Oggy appeared, but with a SK on board, a Soul Seekericon out, a shadow use, Rapid Fireicon, anda Guardian's Oathicon in hand he was taken out without the loss of SK.

    opHero quit after a failed Mind Controlicon on the SK, who died because of Guardian's Oathicon without damaging my hero.

    Hand control against Elementalisicon is crucial. He dies without draw.

    Fourteenth Round vs Elementalis - 7-7
  3. IASeldon's Avatar
    Final Round vs Nishavenicon

    Whoo! Very anxious moments until Spelleater Bandsicon finally deigned to show the hell up. After that point the game was solidly in hand. Interesting game, as opHero concentrated on Shadow denial abilities. Locked out my ability for a solid portion of the game. Never saw any Armored Sandworms appear, which confused me.

    Fifteenth Round vs Nishavenicon - 8-7