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    • Chairman's Update #1

      Hi everyone!

      Your new Board of Directors have just had our first official board meeting and we thought youíd be interested to know how it went and what we covered.

      The goal of the meeting was to become aligned on a direction and agree on a plan for delivering real and visible progress in that direction throughout August. Iím pleased to say we achieved that and Iíll elaborate more below.

      In terms of the direction, we agreed to the following Organizational Purpose to guide us:

      "To continuously improve Shadow Era in a regular and sustainable way for the benefit of its players and token holders."

      The expectation is that this will be revisited and refined before it becomes part of an official constitution and charter in due course, but we feel itís a good starting point for getting some work done!

      We also briefly touched upon some values we shared and would operate by as board members. I could list them here, but I prefer the idea of letting you draw your own conclusions based on our actions. Hopefully you arrive at a similar list to the one we chose.

      We then discussed the structure weíd use, for August at least. Since this will be a decentralized organization with no CEO, our board members will be taking a more active role in day-to-day operations and we will mostly do so in an autonomous fashion.

      As shown on the Shadow Tokens page, each of us has a primary area of concern that we will oversee and seek to actively improve. Weíll do this through projects of varying sizes, for which progress will be regularly reported back to the board (each other) for support and/or feedback.

      Since we only started today, itís too soon to give a complete list of projects, but in the spirit of getting started as soon as possible, we did decide on three main ones that will require work beyond that expected from a director of the board (approximately 15 hours per month, or 20 hours if you are the chairman).

      These projects are as follows:

      Operations Project, led and managed by Kevin Massey (Keaven) - facilitate Kyleís transition out of the company, so that we have full control over everything we need. This covers financials, developer accounts, server maintenance, card image generation, etc.

      Community Project, led and managed by Triton Baldwin (Demnchi) - help our great community to flourish and for those who wish to contribute in specific ways to be empowered to do so through volunteer teams (e.g. Playersí Focus Group).

      Single-Player Project, led and managed by Kevin Manning (NachyoChez) - continuously improve the single-player experience, predominantly through updates to the Campaign which launched in its initial form today on Mac and PC (with Android and iOS to follow).

      Each of these will be considered a full-time assignment for these three board members and they will be paid a larger amount of Shadow Tokens than other board members in accordance with that.

      In terms of other recruitment, we have chosen to defer contracting any other work at this time. This will allow us to properly review the applications and also have time to come up with a realistic operating budget, so we know how many paid roles we can invest in.

      Iím really sorry this particular news with regards recruitment wonít have been what some of you were wanting to hear today. If you would like to get involved in a volunteer capacity in the mean time, to help us get a better mutual understanding of what a paid role could offer us both, please contact Triton.

      Wow, I think that actually took longer to write than the meeting took. Hopefully, itís been of use to you and I can get a bit quicker at writing updates like this in future.

      Best wishes to you!

      Update 1.1:

      - We've devised a process for rapid decision-making outside Board Meetings to enable us to keep things moving along quickly when necessary: Any Board Member can make a Proposal to the rest of the team for consideration and it is considered approved after 24 hours if the Chairman (me) and at least 4/6 Directors approve (and no Directors object). This is particularly important for getting authorisation for any spending we'd like to do.

      - We've decided the amount of SC that token holders can receive daily (if they logged in the previous day). Click here for more details.

      - We've decided to give Kyle access to all our board activities as an Unpaid Consultant for the time being, so that we can draw on his knowledge and skills as required. (This is not a Board position and comes with no powers attached.)

      - Within the Primary area of Design, we are in the process of assembling a Volunteer Design Team. This VDT will be led and managed on a day-to-day basis by Triton, under the direction and oversight of the Shadow Era TCG Head Designer (me). The expectation is that we will reform a paid DT at some point in the future.

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