My current Human Hunter Deck and possible permutations

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1 Gwenneth Truesight

3 Blake Windrunner
3 Puwen Bloodhelm
4 Sandra Trueblade
2 Dirk Saber
1 Jasmine Rosecult
1 Raven Wildheart
1 Erika Shadowhunter

2 Poison Arrow
2 Flaming Arrow
2 Net Trap
4 Into the Forest
2 Surprise Attack
1 Cover of Night
1 Retreat!
1 Special Delivery
2 Rain Delay
4 Extra Sharp
2 Bazaar

This is my current deck. I am thinking of adding 4 Death Traps and 2 copies each of the new bow weapon, whichever would work best for me, and Aimed Shot and Rapid Fire. Most likely I will kick the Dirks out and some of the spells, my thoughts moving towards Bazaar.

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  1. jiminee's Avatar
    Too much going on here. Remove those that you really don't need. I can suggest a few but you might have your own reasons. Let me know if you do want to hear out my opinion though.
  2. Sorter's Avatar
    Please, I want to hear any good suggestion to improve my deck. But what do you think of my idea of the traps and the later addition of the weap cards?
  3. jiminee's Avatar
    Okay, I'll give in my 2 cents. I just want to point out that what I'm going to say are just based on my personal opinion. I am no way, shape or form, convincing you to follow my suggestions. Also, this will be based on just the current version of the game.

    So, we almost have the same amount of cards in the deck (I have 41 including hero card, just because starting with a 39 card deck just doesn't seem right for me - I have a minor case of OCD lol). Second, there are too many cards in your deck that are only one in quantity. Unless you have a very good reason for this, I'd suggest to just consider those cards that you really need and replace the "one"s that you have.

    In my opinion, having 4x Death Trap would be better than having 4x Into the Forest. I also agree with you adding more Bazaar in there. I currently have 3 in my deck and yet sometimes I still see myself looking for that Bazaar. I know we can only play one so I just use the other 3 as a Resource. If I may, I also would like to suggest that you have Reinforced Armor in your deck. I'm actually doing pretty well against Darkclaw decks once I'm able to cast Reinforced Armor on my Aeon Stormcaller (which forces an opponent to keep attacking Aeon, but wouldn't hurt him at all).

    The cards in your deck that I would consider removing are: Into the Forest, Cover of Night and Rain Delay. While Extra Sharp and Special Delivery are something that I just recently replaced in my deck.

    Okay, so these are what I got so far.
  4. Sorter's Avatar
    Thanx for the advise. And you don't have to be that careful, for the lack of a better word to use, regarding your suggestions.

    For the card count, I use as many as I deem necessary, and I know that only having 1 offs isn't that productive. I will get 1-2 Aeons and 1-2 Aldons, and 1 more Erika (she kicks ass). And re Bazaar, I was actually thinking of cutting them from my deck. I will add 3 more Retreat! as well to combo with Sandra. Most likely I will cut 2 Into the Forest (I use it to stall when I am outnumbered). Yes, Rain Delay is actually a very disadvantageous card for the caster so will cut it.

    So I am assuming you are running Hunter as well? Thanx for the tips. Appreciate it.
  5. jiminee's Avatar
    I also have Sandra and Retreat in my deck but just have 2 of the latter. I reduced my deck to just 35 (including the hero card) and I'm just trying it out right now.

    And yes, I do have a hunter deck as well. I'm currently using Victor.
    Updated 03-06-2011 at 04:08 PM by jiminee
  6. Dakaest's Avatar
    This is the starter deck, newly bought there has been no current additions apart from the allies and a bit of spells
    Updated 05-11-2011 at 12:31 PM by Dakaest