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Garbage Disposal [1.29]

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This is a variation of a deck I tried pre 40 card minimum that did not work at all. Now that decks start at 40 and their are some new allies it seems to be working OK. Still in development although it is already playing well. The concept initially came from trying to find a use for the most useless cards, and there is one card that allows it with Ambers new ability.

Current Deck (47):
1 x Amber Rain

4 x Puwen Bloodhelm
3 x Birgitte Skullborn
3 x Blake Windrunner
4 x Tainted Oracle
(14 allies)

4 x Dual Wield
4 x Crippling Blow
4 x Rain Delay
4 x Bad Santa
(16 abilities)

4 x Bazaar
4 x Violet Thunderstorm
4 x Dimension Ripper
4 x Rusty Longsword
(16 items)

As you have probably noticed is that a lot of the cards are trash. Exactly what you want your opponent to be taking from your deck when the fabric of the universe tears open and cards fall out. I started constructing this deck with Dimension Ripper, and Dual Wield. From there I filled it with cards that would not counter my own strategy when falling into the wrong hands. ie; no weapon or item destruction; no fat allies with more than 4 health; no particularly useful armour (which by the way I discovered that Violet Thunderstorm activates Dimension Rippers ability a second time if the opponent dares to use yours); no health buffing/healing- all the things that usually make warriors so great. That doesn't mean you can't use them, mirror matches give you all the good stuff a warrior needs.

The best part about playing against good decks is that you can rely on them having the good cards you need, and that is what makes this deck so fun and interesting. For this you will almost exclusively hit the hero. By letting their allies kill themselves against Dimension Rippers blade is what gives you the cards you need and hands them a pile of garbage that in some cases even stops them from drawing their own cards after a visit to the local Bazaar. Make sure you change the view and watch the top card of your deck fly off so you know which allies to best retreat.

Why no Blood Frenzy you ask? Of course the deck started with this card, but I quickly found it was very counter productive and this deck needs one cool headed Amber. There is enough draw to get you a Dimension Ripper without Blood Frenzy thanks to Tainted Oracle or Bazaar if absolutely necessary, and with it you eventually get card blocked and you actually need the HP it takes so that you can kill allies defensively rather than offensively. Bazaar actually works much better by helping prevent them from drawing their own cards later on and can draw item destruction away from Dimension ripper occasionally, but should not be cast turn 2 ever. By not casting BF (or even Bazaar) immediately you now have turn 2 to cast one of your 12 2 cost (or less) allies in the deck and if you did not draw a Dimension Ripper you will only need early board control until you do. I may end up putting Blood Frenzy back in just in case the opponent wants to try and use it to see how little it helps.

But what about Bad Santa? It's true that this red and white nightmare can fill your opponent's hand to prevent them from drawing your cards while you still draw theirs, but why worry when you can fill their stockings with rotting left-overs and unwrap all their expensive presents? Not having Bad Santa also prevents them from using your own cards against you for the same reason. They have to stock their own for that.

The key to being able to include Bad Santa is Rain Delay to prevent too much card block by your opponent if they get yours. So it can work well enough. Unlike most DR decks however, you want to exchange cards before you cast it so they get more of your cards then their own. Then you can cast other cards to free up your hand for retaliation against Amber.

It's a lot more refined now from the original and I'm looking forward to adapting it to 1.3
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Updated 01-31-2012 at 05:06 AM by Keaven

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  1. LiefKlynKonyntje's Avatar
    Very original! I'm going to give this one a try! Thanks for sharing.
  2. LiefKlynKonyntje's Avatar
    And I tried it out. The most fun with SE *ever*. Playing a Zhanna, and then wiping out his allies with *his* Tidal Wave... Priceless. Thanks again for this wonderful strategy.
  3. Bluejet24's Avatar
    very interesting deck... I may give it was try..
  4. Keaven's Avatar
    Only just noticed the comments now. Thanks. I've moved on from this deck but will definitely revise the concept when 1.3 is released. I did notice a few opponents playing with it which I liked. I beat them down pretty hard though because I knew what to expect. The Violet Thunderstorm gives it away for sure

    I've updated it to the most current tested version as well.
    Updated 01-30-2012 at 07:00 AM by Keaven
  5. Keaven's Avatar
    This deck has evolved into the Recycling Centre with the release of version 1.503
    Updated 03-09-2012 at 01:35 PM by Keaven