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Jericommando [1.603]

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And now for my other new (Schwarzenegger theme) Priest rush build:

Current deck (41):

1 x Dirk Saber
4 x Lily Rosecult
4 x Puwen Bloodhelm
4 x Aldon the Brave
4 x Tainted Oracle
3 x Aeon Stormcaller
(20 allies)

4 x Healing Touch
4 x Tidal Wave
4 x Focused Prayer
(12 abilities)

2 x Good Ascendant
2 x The King's Pride
2 x Wizent's Staff
2 x Ghostmaker
(8 items)

This is a Jericho variation of my Zhannan build, which explains the basic strategies best. I will outline the modifications to suit Jericho below.

The addition of Good Ascendant (GA) is the reason for all card changes. Only the second draw of this card is precious and you should not be concerned with getting it on the board before Aeon, unless you need to remove an Evil Ascendant (EA) or your opponent allows you the opportunity (when playing human). Against mil decks using EA you will need to save Lily for this item so be very reluctant to summon other items unless a second GA is in hand, or the draw pile, to keep destroyed copies as the top card in your graveyard.

Healing Touch is now primarily for Hero healing, and all four are needed thanks to Mage. Earthen Protector (EP) has been removed because Jericho can not withstand the same punishment as Zhanna and needs T5 for Tidal Wave almost every match.
he can ill afford to bait more opponents allies to clear, and making a T6 Aeon harder to deal with. EP is also required less thanks to GA healing.

Puwen is favourable to Dirk now, as he can benefit from Good Ascendant healing better, while taking pings from enemy Hero weapons. And his ghost will be healed anew when GA is in play. Still 5 2cc allies to increase odds of a 1st turn rush.

I have only played a few matches so far, but I think the synergies are still better with Zhanna.

Demonstration play list.

Vs Eladwen:

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