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I have a concern about the balance and testing behind the cards and rules in the game. The programing of the interface and gameplay for Beta it is done very well and looks great. I know it's only Beta and a lot of the interface is temporary but even if this was the final interface with the minor bugs fixed I'd be very satisfied.

What concerns me is the design behind the game rules and cards themselves. When designing cards and writing the card text, you need to be as clear as you can and you need to take into account interactions and possibilities for future card powers and abilities.

"I have always been interested in TGCs since the first edition of Magic: The Gathering. Although there was never anybody to play with in my small town, I still had a huge collection of cards and enjoyed looking at the card art and creating decks. Actually, I don't think I ever played a single game!" - Kyle

You need a team of experienced players and game designers and developers. Major TCGs often hire the top players and the most knowledgeable judges in their own game or from other games to help round out the team and play test the rules, cards and whole sets before release.

Don't get me wrong, I can see the passion everyone has put into the game interface and artwork and admire the ambition behind it all, but my concern is that the actual game play and rules are not fully tested or the implications of game terminology used fully understood.

I hope these are base-less fears and I'm going to play and enjoy the game no matter what. I will sing praises where praises are due and I want to emphasize I whole heartily love the concept and ambition of this project.

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  1. Shadow Era's Avatar
    I agree, however you are forgetting the community-driven approach that I like to use when developing games. We have more than 300 people playing the first beta now, and the new "Card Discussion" forum will allow feedback on specific cards for balance tuning and making sure the wording is clear. Changes can be made very quickly and tested out for a few days before maybe tweaking again. We are only at the very beginning of a long journey, and I believe that together we can make a great game that everyone will enjoy!
  2. kirkwb's Avatar
    This is very good news Kyle, I was thinking the beta testing was just for the Game interface and programing.

    I do now see your Community-driven approach towards balancing out the game and think it's a cool experiment.

    My concerns are lifting, I think you'll get a lot of experienced TCG players to learn from