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Changing login name

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I have a question to ask. So with my gamertag in the game my name is DarkDemon2, but my name on the site is Dark Demon2 (with a space). So i was wondering if there was anyway to change my name on the site so that there is no space so it matches with with my ingame gamertag. If there isn't i was wondering if there was a way to delete my site account (the one I'm using right now) so i could match up both names and use my current email without having to create a new one.

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  1. DarkDemon2's Avatar
    Nvm on the blog i figured out a way to start a new account on the site using my current email that was on Dark Demon2. So any posts done by Dark Demon2 (notice the space) was done by DarkDemon2 (no space) and the Dark Demon2 account will no longer be used.
  2. AnAdolt's Avatar
    For suport issues like this, it's better if you post in one of the support forums. Regarding forum name change, that can be done but since you already created a new account, well I guess that's another way of doing it as well.