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  1. Kool i still have 208 ratings but reached level 10 just half n hour before! Elementalis IS really awesome!
  2. Update to my rating: I am now on rating 221 and have just reached level 7! Elementalis is laughably overpowered.
  3. My name in game is Reshiram99. I was playing Moonstalker but I decided to go cookie cutter for rating, so I switched to Elementalis. Current rating is 155.
  4. Haha buddy, that was pure luck. I did't suppose it would be so easy.. Well, too bad for that guy though.. Whats yuhr rating right now?
    I just got 208 ratings. xD Elementalis is better than Zalandar. Im still working to make a better deck. btw watch a match between me and a guy named RSGRAFT where he used Zalandar and i won at last becuhz of a very awesome luck. Btw wats yuhr name in the game?
  5. Hi bro. Saw one of your matches against a Gwenneth. All 4 sparks out by turn 3. Game over on turn 5. Mustn't have been very pleasant for the other guy. Good luck anyway.
  6. Hey... Which class do you favour?
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