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  1. Ohh haha, no, not familiar with that slang.
  2. You've never heard that as slang for jail? I guess that's encouraging...
  3. Hahah, what can I say, I'm a one-trick pony.

    But "big house"? Seriously, what is that?
  4. I figured you would appreciate the quotes. I read two posts you made earlier that were similarly minded, and had to go look up some more for posterity's sake. Turns out, it isn't hard to find... And the "big house" huh? Was she worth it?
  5. I would do that but the last time I tried, I spent a night familiarizing myself with the architectural makeup of the local jailhouse.
  6. LOL, "Your loyal constituent", maybe I should consider running for office if you put it like that. But seriously though, the mashup was pretty funny. Not sure if that's just in chronological order or something but it seemed well placed in correlation to one another.
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