LL Elemental Foil Set


To celebrate the completion of all 70 class slots in Lost Lands with the release of v3.63, we are offering class-specific Lost Lands foil set bundles exclusively on our online store until the end of 2018.

Each bundle costs $20 and comes with one copy of each foil from the ten slots for that class and an exclusive sleeve featuring artwork from one of those cards.

This Lost Lands Elemental Foil Set Bundle therefore includes:
* Stardust Descender foil
* Stradust Transfuser foil
* Replicate foil
* Permeate foil
* Accelerate foil
* Stardust Actualizer foil
* Regression Chamber foil
* Accumulate foil
* Power Surge foil
* Axiom the Soulless foil
* Exclusive Axiom the Soulless digital sleeves!

Please see the bottom of this page for images of these foils and the sleeves.


PLAYSET OFFER - When you buy a specific Foil Set bundle for the 2nd time (within one order or in separate orders), you will receive 2 bonus copies of each foil in that bundle. So that's $40 total to get 4 copies of each of the 10 foils and the exclusive sleeves for your chosen class! This is automated at time of purchase and only when you receive the 2nd copy of the sleeve (not 3rd, 4th, etc.).

BUY-FIVE-GET-TWO-FREE OFFER - If you buy any 5 different class bundles (within one order or in separate orders), we will add the other 2 class bundles to your account for free! Please note this Special Offer is NOT automated and you must contact support@shadowera.com to have the extra class bundles applied to your account.

For those looking for a playset of all foils, you will be pleased to hear these Special Offers can be combined, such that buying 2 copies of 5 class bundles for $200 will give you all 280 foils and all 7 exclusive sleeves!

But wait, there’s more!

NO SPARES GUARANTEE! - If you already own at least 4 copies of any of the foils you are due to receive with these bundles, you will receive a Pick-a-Card instead of that foil, which can be redeemed for any other foil found in booster packs! This is automated at time of purchase and will be confirmed by in-game Mail.

Only available for a limited time!


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