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Wulven is one of the seven classes in Shadow Era. This class only has members in the Shadow faction. As the name suggests, this class is made up of Wolf-like creatures. Their hero strategies focus on stealthiness and increasing weapon damage, and with swarming of their allies. The heroes of this class have 28 health.

Wulven is also one of the tribes (or sub-types) of allies in the game. Currently they only have members in the Shadow faction. Allies of the Wulven tribe don't neccesarily have to belong to the Wulven Class (e.g. Bad Wolf), although for effects mentioning Wulven allies both Wulven faction and tribal allies will work, as Wulven class allies are also generally Wulven tribe allies as well. Wulven Tribe allies were introduced in Call of the Crystals, with further support in Dark Prophecies and Shattered Fates.