I started to test out the Rogue class, 'cause I haven't played in a while and it was completely new (and looked awesome). In my first trial match disaster struck. When I played the card "Lay Low" a "Rogue Ability" in World mode fighting against an AI the game crashed. The nature of this crash was:
1) Nothing weird happened until I ended my turn.
2) The game lagged (maybe 10-20 seconds).
3) My AI opponent didn't seem to do anything though their available resources did increase.
4) The game lagged again (similar lag-time as before).
5) I could not change the camera position on my turn (it was frozen in the view where you see both side of the game, view 3?).
6) None of my cards became highlighted on my turn even though I would have been able to use them. The only button I was able to press was the "Skip" button.
7) More lag.
8) The only button I was now able to press was the "End turn" button.
9) The game now entered a loop starting back at step 2 again.
NOTE: While the AI's resources increased in step 3, they decrease again at some point in the loop.

I am using Mac OS 10.7.2 (Lion) on a 13-inch, Mid 2009 Macbook with the Mac game download ShadowEra1285.pkg.