Since Subjugated Wisp gonna get rejig soon, thought I'd share this OTK deck before its gone forever.

Hero: Zaladar (40 cards)

Ally (5):
4x Subjugated Wisp
1x Tranceposer

Ability (34):
3x Word of the Prophet
1x Urgent Business
4x Bad Santa
3x Contemplate
4x Feedback
3x Redux Channel
4x Mimic
4x Will to Fight
4x Accelerate
4x Rest for the Weary

Deck Code: 785291B

Sac wisely. Use Prophet to find Accelerate if you don't draw them.

Build resources using 2 Accelerates or 1 Acc and 1 mimic if you have to. Draw with BS and Rest of Weary.

By T5 you should have 9 resources. You can have lethal on T5.

Summon wisp, then grow it with draws, feedback and attach will to fight to attack. Best to grow 2 wisps.

Tranceposer was for Brax and Monk. Unfortunately nowadays, Diffussion Gate is enough to stop you on your tracks.

It is NPE but not OP. You either win by T5 or T6 or you lose altogether.