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    Shadow Era Network - World Championship Qualifier

    Shadow Era Network
    World Championship Qualifier invites you to fight for glory and pave your way to the Shadow Era World Championship in the Shadow Era Network World Championship Qualifier event!

    If you think you have what it takes, join the official Shadow Era Discord with the 'Join' button below, and prove yourself worthy of a seat amongst the best of the best.

    Once in the discord, navigate to the 'SEN WCQ' category to sign up. Full information on round start times will be posted when available.

    There will be 2x WC Qualifying tickets available, amongst a plentiful hoard of other prizes (full prize pool will be announced in the discord).

    What are you waiting for? Sign up now, and secure your chance at winning it all!

    ---------------- Tournament Rules ----------------
    1. Single Elimination Tournament.
    2. Best of 3. You must use a different hero every round. Your deck must remain unchanged for each round.
    3. Once you win a round with a hero, you can't use that hero anymore for the whole tournament.
    4. Draws and Sync Errors are to be replayed with the same player going first.
    5. Disconnected games will be considered a game loss for the disconnecting player, unless otherwise agreed by both players.
    6. Each round will last one week. Failure to put effort into scheduling the match will result in a match forfeit. If neither player puts reasonable effort into scheduling, the match will be decided via coin toss.
    7. Cards banned in QM are also banned in the tournament. Any new cards released after the tournament starts will not be sanctioned for play.
    8. Unruly behaviour and conduct that negatively impacts the experience of other players in the tournament will result in penalty at the discretion of tournament organisers, up to and including disqualification.
    9. Rule breaks must be reported immediately to tournament organisers. The following policy will take effect when dealing with rule breaks;

    First offence - Game loss.
    Second offence - Match loss.
    Third offence - Disqualification.

    Join Here!
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