I like Shadow Era because it has good balance. But these days that's just over.

What is the deal with Gyre?
The current change is the most ridiculous one. It's not a nerf. It's a buff.
Why does it have 1 draw unconditionally? Even without it, it's still strong.
Now the card is exiled when destroyed because of Helm of Saymeht. But that's not how you fix a card.
If a card is too strong, nerf it instead of killing a combo.

The same thing happened with Hunter's Gambit. It was too strong with Victor. So instead of nerfing the card, they decided to exile it so that Victor can't retrieve it with his ability.

This kind of patchwork is not sustainable or healthy. The joy of card games is discovering a combo.

Back to Gyre. I know where the idea comes from. Serena's ability is not so good when it comes to clearing the board. It doesn't matter if you can discard an opponent's card when the opponent has bunch of allies on board. You have to take care of them first.
That's why cards like Cutlass was introduced. That card alone made Serena very playable.

But if you think about it, Serena's ability can never be wasted. Abilities that only aim for allies have a risk of wasting SE. Victor, Garth, Eladwen, Boris, Majiya Skervox, Nishaven, and Markus have the risk. Serena doesn't have the risk. The only risk is not being able to draw a weapon obviously. So as long as you have a weapon ready, Serena is very versatile.

I understand that the ability is still weak compared to Amber or Gwen. Amber permanently buffs the weapon and Gwen gets 2 durability plus Hunters have double-attack cards.
So why not buff the Serena? For example you can persist the buff until the start of your next turn like Gwen or DarkClaw. Or you can buff 3 instead of 2.

Eladwen and Majiya got buff recently. Surely you can buff an old Hero like Serena.

Gyre is trying to have a cake and eat it too. That's too powerful.
If you are SO in love with Gyre already and cannot change the core mechanism, please reduce the attack to 1 and remove draw.
When you compare Gyre to other 3cc weapon like Throwing Knife, you know how insane Gyre is.

That was a long post. I feel like this game is slowly losing control so I had to say something.
OP cards are the reason I stop playing the game.