-The challenge will run from March to October.
-Players will compete for best score as usual, but their best scores from each month will be added together and tracked on a leaderboard.
-The player with the top cumulative score at the end of the competition will receive a WC spot.
-Spots 2-9 on the leaderboard will be invited to compete in a finals tournament starting the first week of November that rewards 3 more spots at WC.
-If a player on the leaderboard has already secured a WC spot from another source at the end of the competition, they will be “removed” from the leaderboard and the players below them would move up one spot. Example: if 4th place on the leaderboard is already qualified, the player in 10th would now be eligible for the finals tournament.
-Players with multiple accounts qualifying will only be able to use one of the spots.
-Due to problems with abuse in the past, any player who ends a month with greater than 2% of their games ending in a draw will not have their score counted for the leaderboard.
-Other forms of cheating such as boosting, bug abuse, etc are grounds for disqualification
-Finals format TBA