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    Question Long time player returning, may need a new deck

    I just recently came back to this game. I discovered the game arrived on Steam. I have multiple times so far changed my deck 3 or 4 times to suit my strategic playstyle. So far I was able to do it but I noticed that after a few turns of sacrificing my cards. I can get some of the cards that may cost like 3 or 4 resources as one of the first cards to put down while the other player already has some allied cards laid out on the board. Would like to have some advice on my current deck or possibly I should make a new one.

    Hero: Majiya (70 cards)

    Ally (37):
    2x Rotling
    4x Brutalis
    4x Ironhide Karash
    4x Keldor
    4x Infernal Gargoyle
    4x Bad Wolf
    4x Death Mage Thaddeus
    1x Cobra Demon
    2x Plasma Behemoth
    4x Shadow Knight
    4x Ogloth the Glutton

    Ability (28):
    4x Fireball
    4x Poison Gas
    2x Lightning Strike
    4x Engulfing Flames
    4x Portal
    3x Arcane Burst
    1x Shadow Font
    4x Meteor Shower
    2x Supernova

    Item (4):
    4x Tome of Knowledge

    Deck Code: 103999C

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    I suggest you to take part in monthly challenge as a return player for SE and PAC bonus.Since tower decks are for March challenge and 40-41 decks are for the challenge this month,you shall put your deck on a diet.
    First,you shall find out the right way for you deck to success.poison gas and engulfing flames are for defensive mage,rotling and portal are for board or aggro mage.since I find no heal in your deck,I suggest you to build a aggro deck and cut out poison gas and engulfing flames.
    Second, some card is not so useful these days,cut out arcane burst and some allies, like bad wolf.there are also some new allies to be superior than the old ones,like samiam and infernal gargoyle.
    Third,since I want a 40-41 aggro mage deck,I need 8 2cc allies, 8 3cc allies and some other allies to make a group,the number may around 20,so cut out rotling and decrease the number of some high cost allies would be good。

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