World Cup is over. Congrats to all winners, especially RS Namcastle who brought Embers Markus to Top 4 of WC.

Since the deck is going to get a nerf soon, I am posting my version as a tribute and record.


Since the release of Markus as the first Shadow Priest, everyone is testing around Kyberian Markus and Sticky Markus; whilst our leader, RS Random Guy, secretly brew the evil combo between Embers of the Just and Ravager allies.

The core of the deck works around Embers of the Just, Spitfire Hound and Ravager Zealot. The Ravager allies can target Embers, dealing 4 damages + setting an ally ablaze + 3 damages or haste a 2/4 ally.

Lingering Essence is added to the combo so you can gain 3HP + 1SE every time you activate the combo. Confluence of Fate is further played here so you draw 1 card every time. Shold: Tempest Gorge utilizes the excessive SE to bring back the Ravager allies to your hand, whilst Embers is also returned to your hand, making the combo difficult to counter.

Later, RS Namcastle added Shadow Knight to the deck during his Asia Regional of WC, which fits the recycle theme perfectly and gets back all the killed Ravager allies.


Hero: Markus the Fallen (40 cards)

Ally (14):
4x Spitfire Hound
2x Emi
4x Ravager Zealot
4x Shadow Knight

Ability (19):
4x Lingering Essence
4x Embers of the Just
3x Focused Prayer
2x Endless Memorial
4x Confluence of Fate
2x Tidal Wave

Item (4):
4x Twice Enchanted Robe

Location (2):
2x Shold: Tempest Gorge

Deck Code: 624001B

Card choice:

On top of the Embers package, Emi is added to bridge the early game and combo with Markus ability. Tidal Wave is an emergency button in case your Embers combo is not set up. Twice Enchanted Robe is an alternative draw and absorb damages.

Endless Memorial is my personal twist and favorite card in the deck. The goal is to push up resources until you can play Shadow Knight cycle. Keep one Shadow Knight on hand so you can always bring back the other 3 Shadow Knights in your graveyard. It also empties opponent graveyard which shutdown Kyberian/Reconsitute decks.


Good matchup ANY ally based deck. Yes I said ANY because as long as your opponent plays ally, you are in a favorable position.

Bad matchup solo decks, especially mage. A smart opponent would stop playing allies and just burn you down to avoid health gain by Lingering Essence.

Bad matchup Serena. Discard all Embers and game is over.


1. Removing or covering the location with another location would break the combo. Even though you can get the allies back by Shadow Knight, the tempo is loss.

2. Diffusion Gate. It stops all ability of Spitfire Hound, Ravager Zealot and Shadow Knight.

Other card choice:

Divine Connection It speeds up the combo. Good choice for Turn 2 play.

Thriss Assault Plinth Provides extra damages for Ravager Zealot.

Life-infusing Scepter Combo with Ravager Zealot so you can have some attack power.

Clockwork Soldier Extra body on board that does not affect Shadow Knight cycle.


So here it is. One of the most fun deck to play and most un-fun deck to face. A remarkable deck that should be remembered in the history of Shadow Era.