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    NEW HERO: Markus the Fallen

    Formerly known as Markus of Kyber, a devout worshiper of Ellos and Vozit, Markus was pained as he watched his people driven down by their enemies in Layar. The proud people of Kyber valued their independence and refused to bow to any king outside of their walls. But slowly the Layarians, while often losing each battle, were winning the war with Kyber through the force of their numbers. Attrition would soon lead to the collapse of Kyberian autonomy.

    Pray as he might, the brother gods ignored his plight. After all, his oppressors were just as devout followers, so no help was to come from the heavens on his behalf. Desperate to save his people he devised a blasphemous sacrificial ritual designed by the followers of Asyn, and performed it in the name of the brother gods. The dark power released by this twisted ritual caused an inner death to those who accepted its power, but imbued their mortal form with other powers, allowing them to finally defend their walls from the assaulting Layarians.

    Now denounced by the brother gods Ellos and Vozit, Markus has attracted the tormenting attentions of the Asyn. With twisted power from both sources, and no deity left to claim as his patron, Markus now wields his stolen powers alone in the darkness of Shadow.

    Markus has a simple but effective tool that allows Boris-like power to destroy any enemy ally. The cost - aside from his soul? The life of his devoted followers.
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