Hero: Elementalis (40 cards)

Ally (18):
4x Sandwing Hatchling
4x Sandwing Skywarden
4x Sandwing Whelp
4x Sandwing Dustcrawler
2x Sandwing Surmounter

Ability (15):
4x Escalate
1x Relentless Savagery
2x Assumed Command
4x Baptism of Fire
4x Shadowspawn

Item (6):
4x Sandwing Den
2x Ascendant of the Horde

Deck Code: 1273432B

Dragon Elementalis with addition of Escalate. Escalate is a perfect addition to Dragon decks giving an early resource ramp, and the SE disadvantage is neutralized by Shadowspawn, which is a great against Gravebone, Baduruu etc.

Assumed Command is a tech against Yahari. Relentless Savagery is a supplementary buff since Baptism of Fire is nerfed.