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    Lightbulb Wulven Tinker

    Wulven tinker used to be an immensely popular card before being nerfed. Sadly, it posed a problem for the balance of the game, previously, together with Dark Claw as it made weapons almost impossible to exhaust with its heavy on summon durability supply especially after being retrieved from the grave or in hand several times. Therefore a nerf was necessary. However, the current nerf does not change that problematic gameplay mechanic and Dark Claw users can still continue to spam durability on their weapons as before. The only thing that it has changed is that the draw ability is now only conditional to weapon user heroes like Dark Claw alone and not much use to the other wulven heroes such as Blood Fang or Moonstalker (which are mainly ally based). The result is that it is now shelved along with many wulven hero decks. Wulven tinker’s previous draw ability is what made it popular among all the wulven class heroes as it provided the additional class specific draw options that the wulven class so desperately needed. Many other classes have a generous amount of class specific draw support cards including those of new set releases. The wulven class, sadly, falls short and the nerf to this card has unfortunately put them even further behind.

    My suggestion is to, instead, decrease wulven tinker’s on summon durability increase to +1 instead of two and remove the condition for the controller to have a weapon in play for the draw to occur after the ally is killed (as it was before). This will make it more universal and versatile among the wulven class heroes to encourage more diverse gameplay and flexibility while, at the same time, preventing overwhelming durability spamming.
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