First: 1250 SC and 3 PAC
Second: 750 SC and 2 PAC
Third: 500 SC and 1 PAC
PT points
!!!Prizes will be paid within 24 hours after the Tournament ends!!!

- Each player will submit 2 Decks with 40-60 cards.
- You can submit “ 1 Human Hero Deck and 1 Shadow Hero Deck ”.
- Deck’s must be submitted trough: < >

- Matches will be Bo3.(double elimination)
- First two rounds you can pick either deck 1 or 2.
- Second round you use the other deck.
- Third round you can choose either deck 1 or 2.
- random start first round, alternate second, random start Third round.
- Disconnections count as a win for the opponent unless he agrees to restart.
Loading a wrong hero in a game is also an automatic game loss,
unless the opponent agrees to restart.

- Each round will last a week. If a match is not played during a round, the tournament organiser and judge will take a decision based on who made the greater effort to play.

This decision will be final.

- You are allowed to play matches in advance if you have an opponent.

- Report the result in the telegram tournament room ( Road to Glory ).
Do not forget to tag of the tournament organizer after the match (@Herijuana)
example: @Herijuana : (Name1 0 - 0 Name2)

- The telegram group link is

- In the event of an update happening mid-tournament,
participants will have to play on the updated version of the game.

- The tournament organizer and judge has the last word and all decisions are final. Herijuana
- Deadline for sign up is Thursday 14/09/2023 23:59 GMT+1( Each round begins and ends on every friday 11:59 @ GMT+-1)
- For anything not covered in this post, contact the tournament organizer’s: @Herijuana in Telegram
!!!Cheating leads to a ban for future Tournament sign ups in the “Road to glory” series!!!