Hero: Garth Ravensoul (50 cards)

Ally (27):
2x Skilled Ironmonger
4x Silent Assassin
4x Night Owl
2x Aldmor Artisan
4x Rabble Rouser
4x Slithering Viper
4x Zi'Jian, The Southern Monk
2x Viska, The Scarlet Blade
1x Oliver Fagin

Ability (5):
2x Sinkhole
3x Stop, Thief!

Item (18):
4x Hit List
1x The Last Harvest
1x Obsidian Pendant
1x Stun Turret
2x Poison-laced Gloves
4x Ill-Gotten Gains
1x Spirit Shuriken
4x Anklebreaker

Deck Code: 3744863B

Garth is an under-rated hero at the current meta considered he has good matchups against some of the meta decks.

Serena: good matchup. IGG gives you tremendous card advantage when Serena recycles Gyre with Helm and draws with Hitlist.

Baduruu: good matchup. Garth ability will remove the dragons and Stop thief will destroy weapons.

Lance: fair matchup. Felinians with perfect discard is hard to beat, but Garth ability together with Ankle Breaker will help you to defend against it.

Boris: fair matchup. Bloody Frenzy will generate plenty of card advantage. Play defensively and draw with IGG.

The advantage of Garth is that he is very adaptive to meta change. He has decent draw power which allows inclusion of tech cards without hurting consistency.