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    Aggro Cheater Raikka

    Hero: Raikka Spellseeker (40 cards)

    Ally (27):
    4x Fire Snake
    4x Child of Aldmor
    4x Sandwing Hatchling
    4x Twisted Familiar
    4x Frostflame Harpy
    4x Caravan Smuggler
    3x Slingblade Demon

    Ability (8):
    4x Bad Santa
    4x Portal

    Item (4):
    4x Amulet of Conjuring

    Deck Code: 1922124B

    A fun aggro deck, spam allies early game, then switch to Portal death race. Have Raikka ability ready and chain resource renewal (the cheater part of the deck) of Whelps, Familiars, Slingblade with card draw for massive and basically 0cc damage. You can sometimes use Raikka ability two turns in a row with SE ramp from Child of Aldmor. I find it hard to get enough damage on hero if you start board controlling too much so this is pretty adrenaline heavy rush for the face deck.
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