This is my last deck to post in the current season and I think it is the strongest deck for rated games right now.

Hero: Amber Rain (40 cards)

Ally (15):
4x Royal Guard
4x Primed Combatant
3x Aldon the Brave
3x Braxnorian Blacksmith
1x Zi'Jian, The Southern Monk

Ability (15):
2x Battle Hardened
2x Valiant Defender
4x Bad Santa
2x Desperate Tactics
2x War Cry
1x Higher Ground
2x By The Sword

Item (5):
1x Distortion Harness
4x Pathfinder's Machete

Location (4):
4x Ravenscrest: Valley of Secrets

Deck Code: 2083418B

Card choice

Royal Guard is a versatile ally. In early game, try to play location after Royal Guard to get protector ability if possible. In late game, she gets haste from the support abilities and swings the board quickly.

Primed Combatant is a very good 2cc ally which can help you on board control when combined with Higher Ground, or simply does a ton of face damages late game.

Battle Hardened is very useful against weapon based decks. It is also very good in early game as it costs 0cc with location.

Valiant Defender is the most op support ability. Cannot be attacked is simply an upgrade version of stealth.

Desperate Tactics is the finisher. It deals 9 damages with Pathfinder's Machete in one turn.

Distortion Harness is your last resort if not drawing any location early and it can be seek by Braxnorian Blacksmith. However, if you are not getting the location in first 3-4 turns, you are already behind and it is an uphill fight.


This is the most aggro deck in the current meta.

In early game, the location plays a major role in tempo and draw. It helps you to wrestle the board and gives a boost to Pathfinder's Machete.

In late game, try to go for face as soon as possible. Pathfinder's Machete + Desperate Tactics deals 9 damages and your hasted Royal Guards + Primed Combatants each deal 2-3 damages under the boost from Aldon the Brave or Higher Ground. So remember to count for lethal as it is not surprising to deal 15+ damages to face in one turn.

Match up

Serena: Good. The draw power is good and neutralize the card advantage of Serena. It deals face damage quicker than Serena.

Lance: Good. It is quicker than lance with the acceleration from location. You would also out-draw lance with the location.

Banner: Bad. There is no way to remove rain delay or deal ability damages. So once banner is out, you could do nothing until death.

Zhanna: Bad. There are not much Zhanna in the current meta but Book of Curse, Focused Prayer, Tidal wave and Adlard the Just can shut down this deck completely.


Although luck plays a major role as if you can get the location early, it is still my favorite deck in the current meta. If you enjoy aggro and tempo based deck, this is the right deck for you.