Serena finally gets her time!

With the release of Gyre and Gimble, Serena soon became one of the top meta deck. Here is the breakdown of my card choice:

Hero: Serena Thoughtripper (40 cards)

Ally (19):
3x Stunning Swordmaiden
3x Silent Assassin
1x Tenacious Buccaneer
4x Vozitian Trader
3x Slithering Viper
3x Treasure Seeker
2x Zi'Jian, The Southern Monk

Ability (3):
3x Stop, Thief!

Item (17):
4x Hit List
2x Boooomerang
4x Gyre and Gimble
2x Ill-Gotten Gains
4x Helm of Saymeht
1x Thoughtripper's Cutlass

Deck Code: 2493572B

The Weapon Cycle:

Gyre and Gimble The best weapon ever for Serena! With only 3 cc, she can deal 4 damages to opponent hero, 4 damages to a random opponent ally, discard a card from opponent hand and draw 2 cards.


- If you replace Gyre with another Gyre by Helm of Saymeht, you also get the draw which is kind of a glitch.
- If your opponent hits you with a weapon and you retaliate with Gyre, their ally also takes the 2 damages.

Boooomerang A very cost efficient weapon for extra damages. It is mainly used to replace Gyre to get the draw.


- Boooomerang can remove a Sandwing Whelp alone. First activate Boooomerang ability and hits Whelp. Since the damage is prevented by Whelp ability, Boooomerang does not go into your deck. Then you can hit it again by normal attack and kill it.

Thoughtripper's Cutlass It becomes less important but still very good in slower games as you can build up card advantage. Stealing some counter cards or the last Bad Santa from opponent hand means a good game.

The Draw Engine:

Hit List is more useful than Ill-Gotten Gains because it is faster and combo well with Vozitian Trader. However, Ill-Gotten Gains is the most important card in a Serena mirror match up as both players are recycling their items. Whoever gets an Ill-Gotten Gains on board will have tremendous card advantage.

The Allies:

Allies play as a support role in this deck with many utilities.

Stunning Swordmaiden A simple 2cc ally with good stats. There are lots of way to trigger the discard ability and it is used to wear down weapons or soften opponent allies.

Silent Assassin 2cc for a 3/3 ally with stealth. The strongest 2cc ally in this set. I go for a 3-3 split of Swordmaiden-Assassin for a balance and mixed start.

Vozitian Trader The MVP of this deck. Vozitian Trader is the bread and butter. He has a good amount of health and scary amount of attack boost. Hit List, Boooomerang, Gyre and Helm can all combo well with him. It is not surprising to see him with 10+ attack. A totally underrated card.

Treasure Seeker A very versatile ally of the new set. You can discard different card according to board situation. Discard a Tenacious Buccaneer on an empty board to extend board control, or discard a Slithering Viper to turn around a board from opponent. You may also discard a Gyre to get it back from Helm in case of a bad draw.

Zi'Jian, The Southern Monk Best card in game now. Auto-included in every human deck.


Serena becomes a very versatile hero whilst still keeping her flavor as the discard woman. Overall she is very strong and fun to play. Hope you enjoy it.