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    They finally broke Serena...

    In the first few days of laddering this season, I almost exclusively used Serena with gyre and gimble/helm of saymeht. I reached number 1 in score at one point and have remained in the top 20 since. Had I not started to use other heroes I'd possibly be in the top 5 as of now. Also, so many other players in these top spots this season got there with Serena. It's dominating the meta. I'm not generally one for nerfs unless it's absolutely necessary, but in my opinion, it's absolutely necessary. Gyre and gimble should be changed. The fact that it kills dragons is irrelevant when it kills nearly everything else too.

    Nerf Gyre and Gimble
    Nerf Whelp and/or Baptism of Fire
    Take a look at Monk

    Just my opinion.

    Edited to include Baptism of Fire. It's worth looking at too.
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    I agree. Gyre should have attack damage 1 not 2. It is too much powerful.

    And Monk also is too much OP. In addition, monk prevent poison damage at the start of next turn, although monk reduce by 1 ability damage until the start of next turn. It's wrong I think.
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