Hello community,
I put this deck together almost immediately after the release of Rekindled Rebirth and had success with it.

Bloodfang is in my top 3 heroes and I'm currently 2nd on the Bloodfang win streak leader board (not with this deck). This is not to boast, this is simply to ease your mind to know that I have a history of success with this hero.

I've noticed a few others playing variations of this deck in QM, and if other competitive players think it's worth playing, then it's worth sharing with everyone. And it's also a lot of fun to play.

I would consider this to be mid-range control. Even though this deck is explosive, it's not aggro because it requires some set up in the early game, so be prepared to take a little damage early on.. The concept is simple, set up draw engine and Eye, then destroy your opponents board with Grimghast+Wulven Shredder+Wulven Bellower.

Ideal start:
T2 Blood Moon/Eye of the Dark Forest/ NYM
T3 Grimghast/ if no Grimghast, play eye or blood moon..whichever one you didn't cast on T2
T4 WoTF/Soothjaw
T5/6 Wulven Shredder with BF's ability + Wulven Bellower

Hero: Bloodfang (41 cards)

Ally (20):

3x Bloodpack Shaman - This is not a T2 play unless unless it's the only available option. Shaman is meant to recycle Wulven Shredder and the other fatties. He helps us to reclaim a lost board.

3x Grimghast - Best T3 play. I know Grimghast is an unusual choice, but his passive ability combos so well with Wulven Shredder. When he survives, I've wiped out as many as 4 opposing allies at once with the Grimghast/Shredder synergy. Including those pesky cats and dragons. Ghast is important to the plan, but not critical. He's also unique, therefore, 3 copies is sufficient.

2x Soothjaw - Good T4 play and an extra body and source of draw. We prefer WoTF here, but Soothjaw is a great second option. Also T4 can be used to cast Shaman+DFA if needed.

4x Wulven Bellower - The optimal T5 play as long as Bloodfangs' ability is ready. Even better if you have Eye of the Dark Forest in play (and you will in many cases).

2x Crusher of the Weak - Obvious choice in any Bloodfang build. Removal and a large ally rolled into one.

2x Riphide - Another classic ally for bloodfang. Packs a punch and attacks an ally on summon.

4x Wulven Shredder - The star of the show. He kills allies and he's sticky. He's an infernal gargoyle on steroids. It's worth mentioning that Shredder kills an opposing ally on summon if he reduces it's base attack from 1 to zero. I encountered a game where my opponent didn't understand why his 1 attack ally died and thought it was a bug. Not the case. If Shredder reduces attack from 1 to zero the ally is killed.

Ability (10):

3x Now You're Mine - Early removal.. Helps to minimize damage to hero while setting up for mid-game.

4x Blood Moon - Ideally, we want this on T2 every game. I can't stress how important draw is with Bloodfang. Keep a steady flow of cards coming in. Try not to sac if it can be helped.

2x Death from Above - Secondary source of removal.

1x Wulven Resilience - Always a nice tech card. I'm seeing more warriors in QM since the update.

Item (10):

1x Obsidian Pendant - 1 copy to remove opposing draw engines or any other annoying item/ability. Pure utility.

4x Eye of the Dark Forest - This card is insane with Bloodfang. T2 play only behind Blood Moon.

3x Wrath of the Forest - Classic draw engine. Get this out asap against mages. It helps against priest too if they don't blow it up first.

2x Disruptor Field - This is not a T4 play unless it's the only available option. I run 2 copies because this is a late game tool that is useful for killing fatties with Shredder. Its a control card that helps to regain or maintain board. You may on occasion find yourself in a temporary loop using Disruptor Field + Shredder, then shaman to recycle other shredders. If you draw it early, sac it.

And that's the deck. If there are any questions I'll answer if I can. Enjoy!

The deck list without write up.

Hero: Bloodfang (41 cards)

Ally (20):
3x Bloodpack Shaman
3x Grimghast
2x Soothjaw
4x Wulven Bellower
2x Crusher of the Weak
2x Riphide
4x Wulven Shredder

Ability (10):
3x Now You're Mine
4x Blood Moon
2x Death from Above
1x Wulven Resilience

Item (10):
1x Obsidian Pendant
4x Eye of the Dark Forest
3x Wrath of the Forest
2x Disruptor Field

Deck Code: 1214343B