This meta is all about Agnar and items so I built a deck to counter item play. Since I�m running a lot of high cost allies, I chose to run the location Garina Road. Killer bee is in here so you can pick off weak allies and combos with Hit List. Ascetic of the Vale is very nice in this deck being able to bounce opponent�s items back to hand or can be used to bounce your own item Anklebreaker back to hand. Rest for the Weary let�s you draw or if a location is on the field, you can place an opponent�s ally on top of their deck making them lose tempo.

Hero: Lance Shadowstalker (57 cards)

Ally (32):
4x Killer Bee
4x Night Owl
4x Rabble Rouser
4x Slithering Viper
4x Ascetic of the Vale
2x Karlstrad, Ruler of Gaderi
2x Eriss Fateweaver
2x Jace Mortlock
2x Nathanias, People's Champion
2x Oliver Fagin
2x Kion the Magnificent

Ability (12):
4x Rest for the Weary
4x Stop, Thief!
4x Anarchic Looting

Item (8):
4x Hit List
4x Anklebreaker

Location (4):
4x Anmor: Garina Road

Deck Code: 4185223B