I've always liked Rothem. So I figured I'd share this as I've had success with this in the past (By success, I'm referring to Rothem's standard of success lol). There is also the June 4x location challenge happening currently and this fits into that category.

While Rothem isn't going to be highly competitive without a buff or additional cards to help his cause, he can be strong in niche areas. His ability synergizes well with the homunculus tribe by letting them gain +2 base attack. This in conjunction with cards like Rankett: Proving Grounds and Voracious Arachnid can become a serious threat as early as T5.

The list.

Hero: Rothem, King of Layar (40 cards)

Ally (21):
4x Rotling - T1 drop or helps mid to late game by buffing itself

3x Sword Gobbler - decent T2 drop going first, better mid to late game as he gets huge. Keep in mind when summoning that he doesn't trigger Rankett without exiling a weapon from a graveyard. He "has" +1 attack if we control a weapon, he GAINS +2 base attack when we exile a weapon. It's important to make this distinction when we're looking to boost allies with our location.

4x Frostflame Harpy - The best T2 drop in our deck, even better going second. Buffs itself on summon if opponents resources are greater than or equal to ours. Also synergizes with location.

4x Voracious Arachnid - Our star 3 drop ally because Arachnid is just dangerous. He is an ally with a big target on his back because he gains +1 base attack every time another Ally is killed. He gets very big, very quickly. Play this if you don't have BF in hand, or if it makes better sense tempo wise to do so.

2x Armored Packbeast - Packbeast found it's way into the deck simply because T3 is very important in SE and we need more options on T3 if we don't have Blood Frenzy, Voracious Arachnid, or Pithing Spear. He's hard to kill, and even harder to kill when all of his homunculus friends are helping him get bigger. Also he negates the 1 damage per turn from Blood Frenzy if he's adjacent to our hero.

4x Flameborn Defiler - like Frostflame Harpy, Defiler buffs himself on summon by gaining +1 base attack if opponents resources are greater than or equal to ours. He's also great against Agnar, which is important for the current meta where Agnar is still quite dominant.

Ability (8):
2x Bad Santa - self explanatory, supplementary draw. Always try to gain card advantage by casting this when you'll net more cards from it than your opponent. Also, bad santa sometimes gets us out of a bad spot . Handy if we need an ally that can gain base stats so we can trigger rankett to take back the board or deal lethal damage.

2x Carnage - This card is not necessary but it I like it because it compliments our strategy by giving allies +1 base attack when Rothem kills an ally in combat. Feel free to replace this with something more suitable to your preferences if you're not a fan. -2 Carnage +2 pathfinders machete comes to mind.

4x Blood Frenzy -our decks' main draw engine. It almost always makes sense to play this on T3 even though it's bad tempo. Warriors need many cards to play optimally.

Item (6):
2x Splicer's Crown - serves two purposes, buffing our allies, and removing opponents allies from their graveyard. This is especially important in this meta because there are a number of Infernus Gravebone builds around to counter agnar. Exile dead fatties and buff our allies.

4x Pithing Spear - Pithing Spear is awesome for Rothem. Gaining shadow energy is important not just because Rothem's ability costs 5se, but because our location soaks up much of our SE boosting our allies' stats. Spear helps us to use Rothem's ability if and when we need it.

Location (4):
4x Rankett: Proving Grounds - The heart of this deck, our location. 1se: if an ally gained base attack or health this turn, draw a card and all homunculus allies gain +1 base attack and +1 health. This is how we win games. Use this to buff our allies to the point our opponent must deal with them or lose in a quick and decisive fashion. It's also worth mentioning, although it is rare, that if an opponents ally gains base stats on your turn, that will trigger the location. For example, if we sacrifice a card to our resource pile and Southroad mercenary gains base attack and health, we can then use Rankett to buff our allies.

That's it. I hope the other Rothem fans out there enjoy this deck. It's a lot of fun.

The list without additional info.

Hero: Rothem, King of Layar (40 cards)

Ally (21):
4x Rotling
3x Sword Gobbler
4x Frostflame Harpy
4x Voracious Arachnid
2x Armored Packbeast
4x Flameborn Defiler

Ability (8):
2x Bad Santa
2x Carnage
4x Blood Frenzy

Item (6):
2x Splicer's Crown
4x Pithing Spear

Location (4):
4x Rankett: Proving Grounds

Deck Code: 793501C