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    [RS Seadog] OTK Business

    This is a new take on the Support-Portal-Wild Raikka deck, and the new toy is Urgent Business.

    Hero: Raikka Spellseeker

    Allies (20):
    4x Wild Boar
    4x Treetop Spider
    4x Killer Bee
    4x Mountain Wolf
    2x Dark Riding Hood
    2x Uru, King of Beasts

    Abilities (14):
    4x Urgent Business
    2x Nocturnal Advantage
    4x Portal
    4x Call of the Wild

    Items (1):
    1x Distortion Harness

    Locations (4):
    4x Ravenscrest: Valley of Secrets

    = 40 cards

    Deck Code: 8112724B

    The Business

    Urgent Business receives a minor buff that gives you a draw. With the location, it essentially reads as "1cc: draw 2 cards. Your opponent cannot attack you on the next turn".

    This goes a long way in this deck to act as the alternative draw to Call of the Wild. It also disrupts the game plan of weapon based hero which gives a huge advantage in those matchups.

    The OTK (One Turn Kill)

    The core card of this deck is still Portal, with the synergy of resource renewal and drawing power provided by the location, Call of the Wild and Urgent Business.

    Combining with Raikka’s ability, it has a very high damage output that can often perform One Turn Kill.

    Nocturnal Advantage helps to deal with stealth allies and Moonstalker.

    Distortion Harness helps to increase consistency to draw the location.


    It is always nice to build decks around underused cards and open up more strategies in the game, plus it has an advantage to caught opponent out of the blue.

    As the meta is full of weapon based hero, this deck has a good performance in many matchups.


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