An update to Undead MS with some new tools and meta techs.

Hero: Moonstalker (40 cards)

Ally (18):
2x Deathbone
4x Keldor
2x Death Mage Thaddeus
4x Death Collector
4x Corpse Shifter
2x Thu'full, the Bone Titan

Ability (15):
3x Grave Resistance
4x Now You're Mine
2x Sacrificial Lamb
4x Blood Moon
2x Full Moon

Item (4):
2x Tombstone Beacon
2x Distortion Harness

Location (2):
2x The Wilds: Darklight Citadel

Deck Code: 1043505B

Ally lineup: Deathbone has been added for some quick damages. Thu'full provides recursion in the late game.

Damage reduction: Grave Resistance is a decent tech against Agnar. Full Moon acts as a finisher.

Distortion Harness/The Wilds: Darklight Citadel: The location gives haste to Keldor, Death Collector and Corpse Shifter. If you remove the location with Distortion Harness, those allies can attack on the same turn they are summoned. Potentially OP combo.