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    May Challenge decks

    Deck that has not lost its stability. This is Undead Praxix. Is your turn first? - Easy win!

    Hero: Praxix (41 cards)

    Ally (36):
    4x Deathbone
    4x Harbinger of the Lost
    4x Keldor
    4x Death Mage Thaddeus
    4x Death Collector
    4x Brimstone Devourer
    4x Reactorary
    4x Falseblood Cultist
    4x Thu'full, the Bone Titan

    Item (4):
    4x Meat Wagon

    Deck Code: 1782590B

    Badu also easily coped with the restrictions.

    Hero: Baduruu (41 cards)

    Ally (20):
    4x Frostflame Harpy
    4x Krugal Trapper
    4x Death Mage Thaddeus
    4x Snowland Spotter
    4x Slithering Viper

    Ability (8):
    4x Here Be Monsters
    4x Hunter's Gambit

    Item (12):
    4x Camouflaged Foe
    4x Grundler's Double
    4x Emore Crossbow

    Deck Code: 1963594B

    And another guy who hasn't lost anything.

    Hero: Loest, Savior of Layar (41 cards)

    Ally (20):
    4x Kristoffer Wyld
    4x Lightning Elemental
    4x Layarian Knight
    4x Aldon the Brave
    4x Priest of the Light

    Ability (16):
    4x Bad Santa
    4x Fireball
    4x Lightning Strike
    4x Supernova

    Item (4):
    4x Tome of Knowledge

    Deck Code: 2662433B
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