They've been ignored for too long - so Now They're Back!

Earn extra rewards by playing the least popular heroes in the game during the April Contest! Each win will earn you 3 SC, each 25 such wins will earn you 1 Pick a Card, and the overall winner (who will become a legend) will be the player with the highest win / loss differential playing these heroes for the month! For instance, if you have 100 wins and 50 losses with these heroes combined, your score for the month would be 50. Whereas if you had 60 wins and 20 losses, your score for the month would be 40.

Qualifying Heroes Include:

Tala, Nishaven, Loest, and Threbin for Humans, and Vess, Rothem, Logan, and Ter Adun for Shadow.

Lets bring'em back strong!