When Agnar and DMB and Southroad are temp-banned, Badu comes out to play.

14 game win streak, beating some big names along the way, including alts.

Stupid Cheese FTA Loest with Kris, Dirk, 3 x PotL, aldon, BS x 2 + burn ended by the streak. Oh well.

Hero: Baduruu (80 cards)

Ally (43):
4x Ironhide Karash
1x Feasterling
4x Frostflame Harpy
4x Krugal Trapper
2x Krugal Braggart
1x Infernal Gargoyle
1x Death Mage Thaddeus
4x Rampant Krygon
3x Voracious Arachnid
4x Flame Spitter
4x Flameborn Defiler
1x Deepwood Bobcat
2x Snowland Spotter
1x Towering Brute
4x Slithering Viper
1x Wendith Eagle-eye
1x Drangis, Lord of the Hunt
1x Gorlak the Vicious

Ability (4):
4x Hunter's Gambit

Item (28):
1x Anmor's Elixir
1x Obsidian Pendant
2x Snare Trap
4x Weevil-tipped Crossbow
4x Camouflaged Foe
1x Stun Turret
3x Wrath of the Forest
4x Soul Seeker
4x Grundler's Double
4x Emore Crossbow

Location (4):
4x Rankett: Proving Grounds

Deck Code: 3407059B

As most of you know, I am trying to win the March 2023 challenge *(Most wins with a 80+ deck)

The deck is built with a strong start in mind. With sufficient tools for you to turn the game around at turn 4/turn 5.

I don't see the point of building a Fat deck with 'late game win' in mind for this challenge.

Unless the deck is fairly consistent like Sosilo decks.


WoTF is your solution to Nova/TW.

Use Krygon on your allies so that Rankett: Proving Grounds can boost your Homuns.