Agnar has been out for some time and I believe the best hero to utilise it is Raikka.

Hero: Raikka Spellseeker (40 cards)

Ally (20):
4x Caged Savage
4x Rapacious Vermin
4x Feasterling
4x Agnar, Flameborn Insurgent
4x Towering Brute

Ability (9):
4x Bad Santa
2x Fireball
3x Supernova

Item (9):
1x Bloodstone Altar
1x Obelisk of Echoes
3x Thriss Assault Plinth
4x Twice Enchanted Robe

Location (1):
1x Asyn: Mount Kazarr

Deck Code: 1893244B

The ravager pack is quite standard for the meta. It is fast and effective which can end the game in the first few turns.

The reason that Raikka is the best is because she is assessable to Twice Enchanted Robe, which basically gives you draw once you summon and ally, plus the Raikka ability which deals tons of damages.

Note that Raikka ability is a double side sword. She makes Agnar deals 2 damages to opponent allies and hero for every ally summoned, but she also prevents you own allies to take the ping and therefore canít buff. So the timing to activate Raikka ability is tricky and depends on board situation.

This is an aggro deck, and it is a deathrace deck. Be prepared to take tons of damages in order to kill your opponent faster than yourself.