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    Regional Registration Now Available!

    9 World Championship Seats Will Be Selected by 3 Regional Tournaments!

    If you want to compete in any (or all) of the 3 Regional Tournaments to qualify for one of the 9 World Championship Seats that are up for grabs, all you need to do is register for your Make Your Mark Regional Qualifier Bundle in our webstore. The regionals will take place on the following schedule:

    Asian Regional Tournament: January 28th, 2023, start time 5am GMT

    Americas Regional Tournament: February 4th, 2023, start time 6pm GMT

    European Regional Tournament: February 11th, 2023, start time 2pm GMT

    Once you are registered you may select any one of the regionals to join. In fact, if you join the first one and don't do so well, you are welcome to try again in the second, or even the third one.

    In fact, you may even decide to purchase extra tickets for some guild mates or friends, and keep the extras that come with them for yourself!

    No problem - just keep in mind that anyone caught using an alt to participate in the SAME regional or in the World Championship with more than one account will be disqualified and permanently banned from future competition.

    Once you purchase your ticket bundle(s), you will be contacted via email to determine which regional you would like to sign up for, and who you wish to give any extra tickets you buy to. Be sure to have the account email or the correct Shadow Era screen name for anyone you are giving tickets to.

    The format for the Regional Competitions Will Be As Follows:

    1) Swiss Tournament. Each player brings 2 decks. 1 Standard, and 1 3-Max*.
    2) Each round you will play 4 games. 2 with your Standard deck going first and second, and 2 with your 3-Max deck going first and second.
    3) Scoring will be 1 point per win.
    4) Decks must be submitted in advance, with decklock throughout.

    *Note: A 3-Max Deck is a deck with a maximum of 3 of any particular card, whereas a Standard deck has up to 4 of any particular card.
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